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Daily life has become quite difficult to manage. Overwhelmed by too much data, we seem to always be looking for the info we need.

Imagine having your own personal assistant to help you keep all the info you need handy and protected in ONE place. One that fits in your pocket and goes with you everywhere! MyWizeBook helps even the most unorganized people find what they need when they need it.

Great Features

My Wize Book: 

  • Allows you to keep track of all your valuable info (e.g. passwords, goals tracking, medical records, estate planning, home inventory, business & personal info and much more) and access them in a click, whenever you need them.

  • Helps you save money, up to hundreds of dollars every year. By using the “Shopping Savings” page, you can purchase almost anything with up to 35% automatic cash rebates. There is no trick, no trap, just simple wisdom and your savings will exceed the cost of MyWizeBook.

  • Reminds you the important stuff that can improve your life’s quality.

  • Saves trees & space. With MyWizeBook, you don’t need to print or keep copies of documents, recipes, or else in your home or office. By storing them electronically in MyWiseBook, you can access them just when you need them. No more waste. That’s modern wisdom!

  • See Snapshots of what MyWizeBook spreadsheet and 20 pre-loaded categories look like.



  • MyWizeBook comes with a default password to help ensure the safety of your data. Once logged in you can easily change the password with the one of your choice.

  • MyWizeBook is fully customizable. You can easily change the colors, fonts, add or remove content and tabs, according to your own tastes & needs.

  • MyWizeBook fits in your pocket and goes with you everywhere!

  • See Snapshots of what MyWizeBook spreadsheet and 20 pre-loaded categories look like.

  • WARNING: MyWizeBook is addictive. It’s hard to live without it once you start using it.




Either one will improve the quality of your life for just $25


I guarantee that once you start using My Wize Book, it will help you keep track and organize your life in so many ways that you won't be able to live without it. Any unsatisfied customer will be fully refunded because My Wize Book was created to help you and won't settle for less.

                                                                                Armelle Cloche - CEO 

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MyWizeBook - password & information manager


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MyWizeBook - password & information manager

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MyWizeBook - password & information manager

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MyWizeBook - password & information manager
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