Our Story

Armelle Cloche

CEO - Creator

One morning in 2006, fed up with looking for information needed on the spur of the moment, busy and overworked Executive Assistant, Armelle Cloche, decided to simplify her life by creating a super intelligent Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all her valuable information and the ones of her boss.


Perfecting it over time, she became quite satisfied about how it was saving her time and headaches.


Seeing her friends, work colleagues and clients struggling with the same need to access their info, she called her creation MyWizeBook and gave it to them as a gift just to help.


When she saw how much it was making a difference in their lives and how happy they were to use it, she realized that MyWizeBook could be helpful to million of other people she didn't know personaly and she decided to make it available to the public.


Today, MyWizeBook has helped countless customers who always find it a great gift for the ones they love.

After all, being well organized provides you with the greatest luxury: More free time to spend with the ones you love or doing fun rewarding things.

So let MyWizeBook be your Tiny but Mighty Assistant from now on.

MyWizeBook is an Armelle Productions, LLC Company.