Portrait photography is the photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. It started thousands of years ago.

​There are many different techniques for portrait photography. There are many talented portrait photographs.

​But getting your portrait done by our Studio, under my artistic vision, is a one in a lifetime experience and your portrait will be unique among any other portrait done.

Our portraits are instantly recognizable through a signature soul breaking technique.


In a usual portrait, it's about you, the subject, the moment, and your expression.

​In our unique approach to creating your portrait, it's still about you, but we go far beyond the moment and your expression. We attempt to tell your whole life in one portrait and we are the only one to do it this way.

​The portraits we create for our clients are more a piece of art than a photograph. It is the perfect subtle combination of who you are physically and who you are internally, deep in your core. More than a portrait, it tells your life and your story throughout personal elements incorporated in your beautiful portrait photography.

Our work as a whole is of a very high standard.


I believe that no one knows you just by looking at you. It is the knowledge of what makes you who you are, the layers, and the details of your life that can tell your story through your very unique face.

​When I look at your face, I see so much more than plastic beauty. I will help you reveal truth and vulnerability into your portrait.


​Armelle is a French-American artist best known through her highly inventive techniques of adding soul elements to the human face, resulting in vibrant and striking portraits. She lives in San Francisco, CA.